Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Main Switchboard
Switchboard Box 590, 202 Lakeside Dr, Nelson, BC V1L 5R4 (250) 352-6665 Email
Stuart Horn Chief Administrative Officer Email
Mike Morrison Manager of Corporate Administration/Corporate Officer Email
Angela Lund Deputy Corporate Officer Email
Lisa Rein Grants Coordinator Email
Tom Dool Research Analyst Email
Shiree Worden Records and Information Management Coordinator Email
Dan Elliott Communications Coordinator Email
Christine Hopkyns Corporate Administration Coordinator (250) 352-1575 Email
Marie-Pierre Hamelin Contracts and Procurement Coordinator Email
Bronwen Wetter Receptionist (250) 352-6665 Email
Melissa Djakovic Corporate Administration Assistant Email
Building Inspection
Chris Gainham Building Manager Email
Donna Carmichael Building Administrative Assistant (Nelson) (250) 352 8155 Email
Suzanne Nedham-McBriar Development Technician (250) 352-8176 Email
Graeme Wood Building/Plumbing Official Email
Tony Hadfield Building/Plumbing Official Email
Shawn Denny, RSE Building/Plumbing Official Email
Stefan Jones Building/Plumbing Official Email
Gina Nymeyer Building Administrative Assistant (Creston) (250) 428-5717 Email
John Purdy Development Technician (Temp - Creston Office) Email
Currently Recruiting Building/Plumbing Official (Creston) Email
Haley Pedersen Building Administrative Assistant (Nakusp) (250) 265-4111 Email
Currently Recruiting Building/Plumbing Official (Nakusp) Email
Bylaw Enforcement
Jordan Dupuis Supervisor of Bylaw Enforcement Team 250-551-2443 Email
Grace Allen Senior Bylaw Officer (250) 352-8174 Email
Pam Guille Bylaw Enforcement Officer (250) 352-8159 Email
Keith Bacon Bylaw Enforcement Officer - Creston (236) 532-2018 Email
Castlegar Recreation
Jim Crockett Assistant Regional Manager/Facility Manager (250) 365-3386 Ext: 5229 Email
Vacant Administrative Assistant Email
Heather Anderson Recreation Services Supervisor/Local Programmer (250) 365-3386 Ext: 5232 Email
Kim Hayashi Customer Service Representative 3 (250) 365-3386 Ext: 5225 Email
Jason Craig Operations Supervisor (250) 365-3386 Ext: 5236 Email
Community Services
Joe Chirico General Manager of Community Services (250) 352-8158 Email
Melanie Loutit Administrative Coordinator (250) 352-8195 Email
Vacant Communications/Community Engagement Email
Marty Benson Regional Manager - Recreation & Client Services (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5108 Email
Craig Stanley Regional Manager - Operations & Asset Management (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2030 Email
Tia Wayling Programming Supervisor/Community Development (236) 532-2031 Email
Amanda Beavers Regional Programmer (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5125 Email
Anne Gillender Regional Programmer (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5111 Email
Jesse Bourgeois Regional Programmer (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2036 Email
Jodi Vousden Regional Programmer (778) 460-5238 Email
Cary Gaynor Regional Parks Manager (250) 352-1510 Email
Mark Crowe Parks Planner (250) 352-8172 Email
Jeff Phillips Parks & Trails Operations Supervisor (250) 352-1522 Email
Creston Recreation
Stuart Durning Facility Manager (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2032 Email
Ashley Grant Recreation Services Supervisor/Local Programmer (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2034 Email
Sandee Greatrex Head Customer Service Representative (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2035 Email
Joseph Feit Facility Maintenance Foreman & Chief Plant Engineer (250) 428-7127 Ext: 2033 Email
Development & Community Sustainability Services / Planning
Sangita Sudan General Manager of Development & Community Sustainability Services Email
Nelson Wight Planning Manager Email
Eileen Senyk Planner Email
Dana Hawkins Planner 2 Email
Stephanie Johnson Planner 1 Email
Corey Scott Planner 2 Email
Paris Marshall Smith Sustainability Planner Email
Paul Faulkner Senior Energy Specialist Email
Shelly Kindred-Fawcett Administrative Assistant 250-352-8165 Email
Mikaela Wheaton Planning Assistant 250-352-1548 Email
Zachari Giacomazzo Planning Assistant 250-352-1536 Email
Garry Jackman Director - Area A (250) 223-8463 Email
Tanya Wall Director - Area B (250) 428-1993 Email
Adam Casemore Director - Area C (250)435-0383 Email
Aimee Watson Board Chair/Director - Area D (250) 304-5842 Email
Ramona Faust Director - Area E (250) 229-5222 Email
Tom Newell Director - Area F (250) 509-1277 Email
Hans Cunningham Director - Area G (250) 357-9996 Email
Walter Popoff Board Vice Chair, Director - Area H (250) 359-7455 Email
Andy Davidoff Director - Area I (250) 304-8233 Email
Rick Smith Director - Area J (250) 365-7273 Email
Paul Peterson Director - Area K (250) 265-4451 Email
Kirk Duff Director - City of Castlegar (250) 365-9783 Email
Jen Comer Director - Town of Creston (250) 428-2214 Email
Suzan Hewat Director - Village of Kaslo (250) 353-2311 Email
Joseph Hughes Director - Village of Nakusp (250) 265-8214 Email
Janice Morrison Director - City of Nelson (250) 352-6665 Email
Colin Moss Director - Village of New Denver (250) 352-6665 Email
Diana Lockwood Director - Village of Salmo (250) 352-6665 Email
Leah Main Director - Village of Silverton (250) 358-2472 Email
Jessica Lunn Director - Village of Slocan (250) 355-2277 Email
Emergency Management
Chris Johnson Manager of Community Sustainability 250-352-1530 Email
Angela French Wildfire Mitigation Supervisor 250-352-8177 Email
Stephane Coutu Emergency Program Coordinator 250-352-1579 Email
Terry Warren Emergency Program Coordinator 250-265-1756 Email
Jon Jackson Emergency Program Coordinator 250-254-8255 Email
Nicole Soltys Administrative Assistant 250-352-1580 Email
Environmental Services
Ellen Skagerberg Administrative Assistant (250) 352-8161 Email
Paige Lefranc Administrative Assistant (250) 352-1529 Email
Aimee Kootnikoff Resource Recovery Team & Operations Supervisor Email
AJ Evenson Senior Project Manager Email
Alayne Hamilton Environmental Services Project Lead Email
Alex Divlakovski Water Operations Manager Email
Allan Richardson Water Operations Supervisor, Creston/Erickson Email
Amy Wilson Resource Recovery Manager Email
Dave Sharun Water Operations Technician Email
Ian Huybregts Environmental Technologist Email
Jason Goosney RR Mechanical Services & Site Operations Supervisor Email
Jason McDiarmid Utility Services Manager Email
Jay Colley Water Operations Supervisor, Nelson Email
Jeannine Bradley Project Manager Email
Kristy Koehle Water Operations Technician Email
Matt Morrison Organics Coordinator Email
Nathalie Nick Environmental Coordinator, Utility Services Email
Shanna Eckman Administration Coordinator, Environmental Services Email
Todd Johnston Environmental Coordinator Email
Travis Barrington Resource Recovery Technician Email
Uli Wolf General Manager of Environmental Services Email
Yev Malloff Chief Financial Officer, General Manager of Finance, IT & Economic Development (250) 352-1583 Email
Heather Smith Finance Manager (250) 352-8181 Email
Darryl Zol Financial Analyst (250) 352-8179 Email
Matthew Friesen Financial Analyst (250) 352-1527 Email
Janet Matheson Payroll Lead (250) 352-8180 Email
Brook Atkins Payroll Lead (250) 352-1521 Email
Marla Dreher Accounts Receivable Lead (250) 352-1509 Email
Heather Zavagno Contract & Payment Coordinator (250) 352-1513 Email
Glenn Wright Purchases & Payment Coordinator (250) 352-1514 Email
Linda de Waal Accounts Receivable Clerk (250) 352-1584 Email
Paula Hudson-Lunn Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk (250) 352-8166 Email
Fire Services
Nora Hannon Regional Fire Chief (250) 352-8198 Email
Kynan O'Rourke Regional Deputy Fire Chief - Operations (250) 352-1507 Email
Vacant Regional Deputy Fire Chief - Training (250) 352-8154 Email
Gord Ihlen Assistant Fire Chief (250) 352-1572 Email
Leanne Proft Administrative Coordinator (250) 352-1570 Email
Pat Hergott Fire Chief, Balfour Harrop Volunteer Fire Departments (250) 229-4316 Email
Monica Spencer Fire Chief, Beasley Volunteer Fire Department (250) 359-7535 Email
Denis Lavoie Fire Chief, Blewett Volunteer Fire Department (250) 354-1004 Email
Glenn Guthrie Fire Chief, Canyon Lister Volunteer Fire Department (250) 428-7777 Email
Ryan Durand Fire Chief, Crescent Valley Volunteer Fire Department (250) 359‐7353 Email
Doug Yee Fire Chief, Kaslo Volunteer Fire Department (250) 353-2314 Email
Jay Marshall Fire Chief, North Shore Volunteer Fire Department (250) 825-9434 Email
Len Coates Fire Chief, Ootischenia Volunteer Fire Department (250) 365-4928 Email
Aaron Bebelman Fire Chief, Pass Creek Volunteer Fire Department (250) 505-7786 Email
Gord Ihlen Fire Chief, Passmore Volunteer Fire Department (250) 226-7545 Email
Cory Medhurst Fire Chief, Riondel Volunteer Fire Department (250) 551-1352 Email
Jeff Grant Fire Chief, Robson Raspberry Volunteer Fire Department (250) 365-6065 Email
Devin Lindsay Acting Fire Chief, Slocan Volunteer Fire Department (250) 355-2945 Email
Greg Patterson Fire Chief, Tarrys Volunteer Fire Department (250) 399-4100 Email
Steph Whitney Fire Chief, Winlaw Volunteer Fire Department (250) 226-7353 Email
Tom Hollis Fire Chief, Yahk Kingsgate Volunteer Fire Department (250) 424-5525 Email
Joshua Currie Fire Chief, Ymir Volunteer Fire Department (250) 357-9405 Email
Geospatial Services
Genevieve Lepage GIS Administrator Email
Dave Rowe GIS / CAD Technician Email
Michelle West GIS Analyst Email
Chrystal Williams GIS Supervisor Email
Human Resources
Connie Saari-Heckley Human Resource Manager (250) 352-8193 Email
Alexandra Hadfield Human Resources Advisor (250) 352-1546 Email
Regan Inniss Human Resources Coordinator (250) 352-8150 Email
Marlisa Antifaeff Human Resources Administrative Assistant (250) 352-1515 Email
Andre Noel Safety Advisor (250) 352-1524 Email
Information Technology Services
David Oosthuizen Manager of Information Technology Email
Kirk Smith IT Technician Email
Chris Lehnert Network Administrator Email
Fernando Drabik CIS Technician Email
Nelson Recreation
Ryan Ricalton Facility Manager (250)-354-4386 Ext: 5107 Email
Ashley Chadwick Administrative Assistant (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5103 Email
Tyler Uhlenbrauck Recreation Services Supervisor (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5112 Email
Lee Richmond Junior Recreation Services Supervisor/Events Programmer (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5109 Email
Kristine Rye Customer Service Representative 3 & Booking Clerk (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5106 Email
Rob Chernenko Operations Supervisor (250) 354-4386 Ext: 5110 Email
Salmo Recreation
Rebecca Scheller Rural & Outdoor Supervisor/Rural Programmer (250) 357-0121 Email
Slocan Valley Recreation
Rebecca Scheller Rural & Outdoor Supervisor/Rural Programmer (250) 226-0008 Email

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