RDCK Board Highlights - June 2024

2023 Statement of Financial Information Report

The Board approved the release of the 2023 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) Report. In accordance with the Financial Information Act, the RDCK must make the SOFI available to the public each year. The purpose of the reporting is to ensure the transparency and accountability of the local government financial system. Click here to view the 2023 report.  

Board of Directors Code of Conduct Policy

The Board directed staff to draft a revised Board of Directors code of conduct policy that incorporates principles from the Union of BC Municipalities Model Code of Conduct, and provisions commonly included in other local government codes of conduct. The policy sets out a number of general and specific expectations for the conduct of the Board of Directors. Revising the code of conduct aligns with the organizational excellence priority of the RDCK’s Strategic Plan. The benefits of an updated Board of Directors code of conduct policy include improved accountability, governance, and procedural fairness.

Financial Access and Inclusion Policy – Community Services

The Board approved the adoption of the Financial Access and Inclusion Policy for Community Services. The objective of the new policy is to support access and inclusion, while providing opportunities to all to realize the benefits of recreation services even if there are barriers to participate. 

The policy includes four key components:

  • Leisure Access Program - provides subsidy rate to children and adults based on Low Income Measure;
  • Support for vulnerable populations and emergent needs - non-profit, government affiliated organizations receive courtesy passes to local recreation complexes;
  • No or low cost programing – creating additional opportunities to participate, including free service delivery and loonie/toonie swim and skate;
  • Caregivers support – one-on-one support workers to support others ability to use recreational facilities are not required to pay admission.

 Regional Housing Needs Report Project

The Board approved the RDCK enter into a consulting service agreement with M’akola Development Services for the Regional Housing Needs Report. A housing needs assessment is a report that describes current and anticipated housing needs in a community by collecting data, analyzing trends, and speaking with community members to identify existing and future gaps in housing supply. The RDCK has partnered with the Village of Nakusp, Village of Slocan, and Village of Silverton to hire the consultant to complete the project.

In 2023 the BC Government passed several pieces of legislation that changed the local government land use planning framework with the purpose to provide more housing, in the right places, faster. Included is Bill 44 which requires all local governments to update Housing Needs Reports using a standard method on a regular basis for a more consistent, robust understanding of local housing needs over 20 years.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports outlining what they have been working on. Click here to read the June reports in the Board minutes.

RDCK Quarterly Report

For the latest RDCK Quarterly Report, which details the current projects and initiatives of the RDCK, please follow the link.

Click here to view a print-friendly PDF version.

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