RDCK Board Highlights - September 2023

Assent Voting - Fire Protection Service Loan Authorization

Assent voting will be held on December 2, 2023 on the North Shore (Electoral Area F) for the approval of a 20-year financing term up to $368,018 for the purchase of a new fire engine for the North Shore Fire Department, within the North Shore fire protection service area. You must be a resident or non-resident property owner of the North Shore Fire Protection Service Area in Electoral Area F to vote.

In the past the RDCK has used a combination of short term financing (which does not need voter assent) and capital reserves to purchase fire engines. However, due to inflation, a new fire engine is anticipated to cost up to $750,000. The North Shore Fire Department has contributions from capital reserves ($237,000) and the Growing Communities Fund ($144,982) to offset the cost of the fire engine. The RDCK has chosen long-term financing over 20 years to reduce the burden on the tax payer. If residents were to vote against long-term financing, the service will need to purchase new fire engines under short-term financing.

For more information www.rdck.ca/NSfireengine

Electoral Area F to join Local Conservation Fund

Electoral Area F has officially joined the Local Conservation Fund. The Board approved the amendment to the Local Conservation Fund Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2420, 2014 to include Electoral Area F as a participant and $15 per parcel of land will be collected annually. The bylaw received electoral approval via the Alternative Approval Process. Just one electoral response form was received during the process.

In partnership with the Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP), Electoral Area F will join Areas A, D, E, and H in the local conservation fund service. The service creates dedicated funding to support local high-priority conservation projects. Since 2016 the fund has generated $535,000 and has leveraged over $2 million in additional funding and in-kind support.

Staff Safety and Harassment Policy

A Staff Safety and Harassment Policy has been adopted by the RDCK Board. The RDCK is committed to providing a safe workplace for its staff, free of physical or psychological violence, bullying and harassment and this policy formally defines inappropriate behaviour for the purpose of the RDCK’s public-facing operations. In addition to setting the basic expectations for public behaviour at RDCK facilities, the policy outlines the steps that will be followed when incidents occur and ensures that the RDCK will adhere to the principles of procedural fairness in any incident involving members of the public.

Regional Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Board approved the creation of the Regional Accessibility Advisory Committee by adopting a bylaw and appointing RDCK Directors Arnold DeBoon (Town of Creston) and Andy Davidoff (Electoral Area I) to the committee. Establishing this committee is a requirement for the RDCK resulting from the Accessible BC Act enacted by the province in 2021. The Committee will advise the RDCK and provide input and recommendations on the development of the accessibility plan. By removing barriers, accessibility encourages public engagement and may provide new opportunities within programs, services, initiatives or facilities for individuals interacting with the RDCK.

West Transit Services Committee

A new committee to improve governance of West Kootenay Transit has officially been created. The objectives of the West Transit Services Committee are to improve the overall functioning of transit services in the RDCK, provide a platform for engagement between ridership and transit decision makers, and streamline decision making about transit funding and service improvements. The committee includes the following services: Kootenay Lake West Transit, Slocan Valley North Shore Transit, and Castlegar and Area Transit.

The inaugural meeting of the committee will be held Wednesday, October 4.

Recording votes at RDCK Board Meetings

The Board directed staff to prepare a report with the pros, cons and options to support transparency, including the potential to record those votes that are opposed to motions, at RDCK Board Meetings.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports outlining what they have been working on. Click here to read the September reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 4.4, pg. 96).

RDCK Quarterly Report

For the latest RDCK Quarterly Report, which details the current projects and initiatives of the RDCK, please follow the link.

Click here to view a print-friendly PDF version.

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