RDCK Board Highlights - October 2023

Union of BC Municipalities Convention

The RDCK Board of Directors attended the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention in Vancouver from September 18-22 in Vancouver. This is an opportunity for Directors to collaborate with colleagues, meet with Provincial Ministers, and attend sessions on a variety of topics, including housing, climate action, decriminalization and public use of illegal drugs, wildfires, and using new technologies (artificial intelligence) in a local government setting.  

Electoral Area G Director Hans Cunningham received a long-term service award for over 35 years of public service. Congratulations Hans!

Pictured (L-R): Roger Tierney, Keith Page, Brittny Anderson, Hans Cunningham, Aimee Watson, and Cheryl Graham.

Checkout Mike Morrison’s (Manager of Corporate Administration) meetings notes (Item 9.4.2, pg. 625) and Chair Watson’s report (Item 9.7, pg. 660) for more information on the UBCM convention. 

Recreation Inclusion and Access Select Committee

RDCK Community Services continues to develop new opportunities to promote access and inclusivity in recreation for RDCK communities. As a result, the Board created a RDCK Recreation Inclusion and Access Select Committee. The committee will establish strategic goals for reducing barriers to programs and services. Directors Davidoff (Electoral Area I) and Vandenberghe (Electoral Area C) have been appointed to the committee and will work with staff to develop a budget and sustainable delivery model.

Water Quality Management Policy

The Board adopted the Drinking Water Systems Pathogen Risk Water Quality Management Policy. This policy is for all existing and future RDCK owned water services and improves health risk identification for potential water users on long term water quality advisories or boil water notices. The intent of this policy is to provide guidance on pathogen risk water quality management where financial and budgetary limitations are delaying longer term, permanent solutions to water quality issues.

Permissive Tax Exemptions

The Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw was adopted by the Board. Permissive tax exemptions, which exempt eligible properties from taxation for a specified period of time, are issued by the RDCK Board to foster or preserve development that is aligned with the priorities of the RDCK as they pertain to specific land uses, prescribed by the Province, in the Local Government Act. Properties eligible for a permissive tax exemption include land owned and held by an athletic or service organization for recreational use by the public, places of worship, agricultural or horticultural societies, halls or venues, and art galleries or museums owned by not for profit organizations.

Ktunaxa RDCK Traditional Use Study Summary Report

The Board received the Ktunaxa RDCK Traditional Use Study Summary Report which provides a review of one regional park and four areas of interest for regional parks. The review includes existing Traditional Use Study documents from past projects, documentation of the project sites and areas from a Ktunaxa perspective, and identification of key Ktunaxa places, practices, and species or resources that may be influenced. The five locations studied include: Goat River South, West Creston Ferry Landing, Martell Beach, Powerline Beach, and Crawford Creek Regional Park. Should the RDCK choose to proceed with the development of any of these parks there is a path forward for further engagement and additional studies that are required.

Emergency Program Support for Yaqan Nukiy

The Board approved a Mutual Aid Service Agreement for the RDCK to administer Evacuation Alerts and Orders on behalf of The Lower Kootenay Band, locally known as Yaqan Nukiy. Located on approximately 6,000 acres in the Creston Valley, Yaqan Nukiy has 237 citizens living in their community, but lack an emergency notification alerting system. The RDCK will provide Emergency Operations Centre support during any active emergency by issuing, maintaining, and rescinding Evacuation Alerts and Orders. As well, Yaqan Nukiy residents will be eligible to sign up to receive emergency messages via the RDCK’s emergency notification system (Voyent Alert!).

Kootenay and Boundary Farm Advisory Program Funding

The Board approved the allocation of $45,000 per year for the draft 2024-2028 Financial Plan budget to allow the continuation of the Kootenay and Boundary Farm Advisor (KBFA) Program. Formed in 2016, the KBFA Program is a project developed through partnership with the RDCK, Regional District of East Kootenay, Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, and Columbia Basin Trust, to provide farmers with free, technical production support and information. Since the inception of the program approximately 800 farms have reached out and received support from the program.

Fire to Food Youth Climate Corps – Wildsight Project

The Board will provide a letter of support to the Rural Economic Diversification & Infrastructure Program for the Fire to Food Youth Climate Corps – Wildsight project with in-kind support of $19,200. Fire to Food is a circular economy pilot to produce biochar from wood waste. Biochar is an organic, carbon-rich material made up of organic residues such as plants and wood waste that when applied to soil allow nutrient-enhancing microorganisms to help feed the plant, providing nutrients and water. They can also help reduce soil’s nitrous oxide emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports outlining what they have been working on. Click here to read the October reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 4.4, pg. 189).

RDCK Quarterly Report

For the latest RDCK Quarterly Report, which details the current projects and initiatives of the RDCK, please follow the link.

Click here to read a print-friendly PDF version.

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