RDCK Board Highlights - August 2023

Assent Voting - Fire Protection Service Loan Authorization

Assent voting will be held at the end of the year (December 2, 2023) in defined portions of Electoral Area I for the approval of a 20-year financing term for the purchase of a new fire engine for the Tarrys Fire Department, within the Tarrys and Pass Creek fire protection service area.

An identical referendum will be held in defined portions of Electoral Area H, I and the entire Village of Slocan for the approval of a 20-year financing term for the purchase of a new fire engine for the Winlaw Fire Department, within the Slocan Valley fire protection service area.

Both fire engines will reach the end of their frontline service in 2025.

In the past the RDCK has used a combination of short term financing (which does not need voter consent) and capital reserves to purchase fire engines. However, due to inflation, a new fire engine is anticipated to cost up to $750,000. Therefore, the RDCK is recommending long-term financing over 20 years to reduce the burden on the tax payer. If residents were to vote against long-term financing, the service will need to purchase new fire engines under short-term financing.

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Curbside Collection Services in Electoral Areas

Based off the results of the Phase 2 Electoral Area Curbside Collection Consultation on the RDCK engagement website and staff recommendations, the Board direct staff to prepare a service establishment bylaw for curbside collection services in portions of Electoral Areas F, H, and J. The proposed curbside collection services include bi-weekly garbage, bi-weekly recycling, and weekly food waste collection. 3,348 residents in defined portions of Electoral Areas F, H, and J have been identified as possible communities to include in a new service area boundary. Any new service establishment bylaw would need to receive voter approval by means of assent voting.

Land transfer of Arrow Creek Reservoir

Located within the Town of Creston, the Arrow Creek reservoir has been transferred from the RDCK to the Town of Creston for the purchase price of $1.00. The Board provided its approval in principle for the property that once served as an open reservoir for the Arrow Creek water system, but was decommissioned in 2018. It was converted into a wetland and is now a conservation property and a public greenspace for the Town of Creston.

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

The Board approves emergency program staff continue to promote emergency preparedness planning for residents in our communities by utilizing the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP). The NEPP has been developed by the RDCK to help build resiliency in our communities, by empowering our residents to engage their neighbours to support one another in times of emergency. The program provides tools and information to assist residents in becoming more self sufficient, while reducing the effort and cost of response and recovery from emergencies.

RDCK Quarterly Report

The Board received the 2023 Q2 Quarterly Report which details the current projects and initiatives of the RDCK. Please follow the link to the most recent RDCK Quarterly Report.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports outlining what they have been working on. Click here to read the August reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 4.4, pg. 91).

Click here to view a print-friendly PDF version.

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