RDCK Board Highlights - April 2023

RDCK Climate Actions

With close to 100 residents in attendance to raise concerns over lack of engagement, the Board supported the request to delay adoption of the RDCK Climate Actions to the August 17, 2023 Board meeting to allow for continued public engagement. The RDCK Climate Actions is a proposed four-year guidance plan, focused on identifying supports that reflect the diverse needs of RDCK residents. Staff will continue the process of setting up public consultations in communities throughout the RDCK to engage residents on the Climate Actions plan and respond to all questions from residents. Details of these events will be released at a later date. For more information on the plan, including frequently asked questions, go to www.rdck.ca/climateaction.

If you have any feedback on the RDCK Climate Actions, please click here to submit your response or email ClimateAction@rdck.bc.ca.

Regional Fire Service regulatory bylaw

The Board adopted the Regional District of Central Kootenay Volunteer Fire Service Regulation Bylaw and adopted the Regional Volunteer Fire Department Service Level Policy. The new bylaw applies within the service area of all RDCK operated fire departments. The bylaw refines the scope of service and limits of fire department jurisdiction, regulates pre-incident planning, and introduces fees for services and mechanisms for cost recovery while addressing an increasing level of regulation as set by the Office of the Fire Commissioner. The Bylaw and Policy were developed in a collaborative fashion with fire service professionals to modernize the regulatory framework, ensure a safe working environment for our responders, and maintain the RDCK’s commitment to the safety of our residents.

Emergency Support Services in Nelson and Castlegar

The Board direct staff to enter into two separate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU); one with the City of Castlegar and one with the City of Nelson to deliver Emergency Support Services (ESS) and Emergency Operations Centre training efforts. ESS provides short-term basic support to people impacted by disasters and relies on trained volunteers, provided by the RDCK, to deliver those services. This MoU ensures Castlegar and Nelson are supported from responders across the RDCK.

Permissive tax exemption policy

The Board adopted the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy, effective immediately. Permissive tax exemptions are issued by local governments to exempt eligible properties from property taxation for a specified period of time. The policy outlines a consistent and equitable approach to the evaluation of applicants for the issuance of permissive tax exemptions. As well, it outlines eligibility criteria, provide applicants, a schedule of dates for notice, application and exemption approval, and provides a consistent evaluation criteria by which staff will develop their recommendations for Board granting of the exemptions. Examples of properties eligible for a permissive tax exemption are facilities or land owned and held by an athletic or service organization for recreational use by the public, places of worship, agricultural or horticultural society halls or venues, and art galleries or museums owned by not-for-profit organizations.

Ootischenia Community Society Playground

The Board approved the RDCK enter into a lease agreement with the Ootischenia Community Society for the purpose of developing a community park/playground on an unused portion of the RDCK’s Ootsichenia Fire Hall  property for a 10-year period. This project will create a public space for local residents to gather for healthy recreation and community connection, and will be developed and operated by the Society. Originally identified by the Society in 2018 as a priority, this community park is a direct result of the efforts of these dedicated community members.

Financial grant in aid accountability

The Board directed staff to prepare a draft policy that requires entities receiving funding through RDCK financial grant services to provide better documentation of their activities during the RDCK’s budget process. Financial grant services are those where the RDCK collects taxation for service from a defined local area, but does not directly deliver the service. The services are delivered through third parties, typically a society. Typical services delivered this way include local cemeteries, museums, community halls and some libraries. The policy will ensure additional accountability for taxation funding received.

Audited financial statements

The Board approved the unqualified 2022 audited financial statements by BDO Canada. Audited financial statements provide a consolidated and independently verified overview of a local government’s financial activities over the course of the previous fiscal year and its financial position at the end of that year. Go to page 441 of the Board package to view the audited financial statements.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports outlining what they have been working on. Click here to read the April reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 4.4, pg. 255).

Click here to view a print-friendly PDF version.

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