Evacuation Order and Alert rescinded for Little Slocan South Road

Nelson, BC: The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is rescinding the Evacuation Order for 3355 Little Slocan South Road, as well as lifting the Evacuation Alert for five other properties on Little Slocan South Road. Located in the community of Vallican in Electoral Area H, the properties had been on Evacuation Order or Alert due to two separate events; a debris flow on May 2 in the Unnamed Creek east of Talbott Creek and a debris flow on May 3 in Talbott Creek.

Evacuation Order rescinded [PDF - 477 KB]

Evacuation Alert rescinded [PDF - 374 KB]

“This has been a stressful time for residents on Little Slocan South Road and we understand the impact of an extended Evacuation Order/Alert, however it is imperative to follow the recommendations of technical experts to ensure the risk is reduced before lifting these orders,” said Stephane Coutu, RDCK EOC Deputy Director. “We are still in the midst of our freshet season and residents are advised to remain vigilant and to stay up to date on weather and flood warnings.”

The risk of snowmelt triggered debris flow for Talbott Creek and the Unnamed Creek East of Talbott Creek is now lower for this spring season due to the reduction of the snow pack. The Talbott Creek Wildfire of 2020 has elevated the hazard to all properties along the fans of Talbott Creek and the Unnamed Creek east of Talbott Creek. Therefore, the potential for future debris slide or flow events could result in an Evacuation Alert or Evacuation Order being put in place again. To view the Talbott Creek Post-Wildfire Risk Analysis along with reports from previous emergencies, go to www.rdck.ca/hazardreports.

Unseen dangers may linger and the RDCK is advising residents to be cautious when re-entering their homes and properties. To learn more about how to safely return home after emergencies, go to http://www.rdck.ca/ReturningHome.

This emergency was the direct result of a debris flow. Debris flows are fast moving mixtures of water, sediment, boulders and logs that flow down steep mountain creeks. Read this document, Debris flow hazard awareness, to understand this hazard in the Kootenay Region, identify indicators that may be of concern and learn how to report a potential emergency. Areas previously affected by wildfires can also be more at risk of debris flows. Go to www.rdck.ca/hazardreports to review post-wildfire risk analysis reports for more information.

The RDCK warns everyone to stay away from the edges of watercourses and report any erosion or flooding to the Provincial Emergency Coordinator Centre at 1.800.663.3456. Sandbags and sand remain available to all residents at any of the locations listed on the RDCK website: www.rdck.ca/befloodprepared.

Information about Evacuation Orders and Alerts in the RDCK can be found on the RDCK website, Facebook and Twitter. For details about evacuation and emergency preparedness, along with other resources, please visit www.rdck.ca/eocinfo. The RDCK EOC public inquiry line is 250.352.7701.

What residents can do to be prepared:

  • Sandbags and sand are available for residents at any of the locations listed on the RDCK website: www.rdck.ca/befloodprepared
  • If you have livestock or large animals, now is the time to consider moving them.
  • If you are not physically able to evacuate yourself, contact the EOC public inquiry line at 250.352.7701

For more emergency about evacuations and emergency preparedness, along with other resources:

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