Evacuation Alert issued for Duhamel Creek in Electoral Area F

Nelson, BC:  The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has issued an Evacuation Alert for Duhamel Creek in Electoral Area F.  See map of the Evacuation Alert area below. 

Evacuation Alert – including address points

Environment Canada is forecasting heavy rain with the possibility of thunderstorms tonight and the BC River Forecast Centre has the entire RDCK under flood watch. The rainfall forecast may pose a threat to the structural integrity of the Duhamel Creek flood protection works (diking structure). Flooding of areas adjacent to affected waterbodies may occur. 

At this time residents or visitors within the area are not required to evacuate, however the RDCK advises people to remain vigilant and be prepared to leave the area at a moment’s notice. It is recommended to prepare an emergency kit and ensure preparedness, including moving pets and livestock to a safe area, in the event the situation worsens and an Evacuation Order is enforced. Part of your plan should include where you can go if evacuated. 

The RDCK warns everyone to stay away from the edges of watercourses and report any erosion or flooding to the Provincial Emergency Coordinator Centre at 1.800.663.3456 

Updates or changes to the Evacuation Alert will be provided via the RDCK website, Facebook and Twitter as more information becomes available. For details about evacuation and emergency preparedness, along with other resources, please visit www.rdck.ca/eocinfo. The RDCK EOC public inquiry line is 250.352.7701. 

What residents can do to be prepared: 

  • Sandbags and sand are available for residents at any of the locations listed on the RDCK website: www.rdck.ca/befloodprepared
  • If you have livestock or large animals, now is the time to consider moving them.
  • If you are not physically able to evacuate yourself, contact the EOC public inquiry line at 250.352.7701 

For more emergency about evacuations and emergency preparedness, along with other resources: 

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