RDCK voters set to go to the polls in five electoral areas

Nelson, BC:  The local general election for the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is less than a month away. The RDCK will hold elections in five of its 11 electoral areas. Every four years, local general elections are held across British Columbia and include elections for regional district electoral areas, municipal councils, and boards of education. General voting day in the RDCK is Saturday, October 15.

At 4:00 pm today, six RDCK Regional Directors were officially elected by acclamation:

Office of Director of Electoral Area A                            Garry Jackman (incumbent)

Office of Director of Electoral Area D                            Aimee Watson (incumbent)

Office of Director of Electoral Area F                             Tom Newell (incumbent)

Office of Director of Electoral Area H                            Walter Popoff (incumbent)

Office of Director of Electoral Area I                              Andy Davidoff (Incumbent)

Office of Director of Electoral Area K                             Teresa Weatherhead

Declaration of Election by Acclamation

The RDCK will hold elections in Electoral Areas B, C, E, G and J. Here are the candidates for each Electoral Area:

Electoral Area B

Roger Tierney

Tanya Wall (incumbent)

Electoral Area C

Adam Casemore (incumbent)

Kelly Vandenberghe

Electoral Area E

Reggie Goldsbury

Cheryl Graham

Dan Rye

Landon Veregin

Electoral Area G

Anna Bundschuh

Hans Cunningham (incumbent)

Farrell Segall

Electoral Area J

Henny Hanegraaf

Kim Tassone

Declaration of Election by Voting

While the general voting day is Saturday, October 15 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm), there will be advance voting opportunities on Wednesday, October 5 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm). Click here for the complete list of voting locations for both the general voting day and advance voting day.

The RDCK also has the ability to vote by mail ballot. As a registered voter you may request a ballot up until October 5, 2022. To request a mail order ballot please do so by contacting the Chief Elections Officer at 250.352.8173 or email elections@rdck.bc.ca.

For more information on the 2022 general local election, including voter registration go to www.rdck.bc.ca/elections.

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