Evacuation Alert removed for Duhamel Creek

4:00 PM

Nelson, BC: The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has removed the Evacuation Alert for 164 properties in the community of Six Mile around the Duhamel Creek fan in Electoral Area F.

Evacuation Alert removed PDF

At this time creek levels have dropped and the BC River Forecast Centre has downgraded the Flood Watch Advisory to a High Streamflow Advisory for the entire RDCK.  The long range forecast from Environment Canada indicates lower temperatures and light showers. However, given the potential for surprise storms, increased snowmelt and concerns over the current state of the orphan dike in Duhamel Creek, residents in the area need to remain vigilant and prepared for the Alert to be reactivated in the future.

“While we are able to remove the alert at this time, residents in Six Mile and throughout the RDCK need to understand freshet season is far from over,” said Chris Johnson, RDCK EOC Director, “The snowpack remains unusually high for this time of year and it is imperative for residents to be prepared and stay informed by monitoring local weather and current stream flows.”

The RDCK warns everyone to stay away from the edges of watercourses and report any erosion or flooding to the Provincial Emergency Coordinator Centre at 1.800.663.3456. Sandbags and sand remain available to all residents at any of the locations listed on the RDCK website: www.rdck.ca/befloodprepared.

Information about Evacuation Orders and Alerts in the RDCK can be found on the RDCK website, Facebook and Twitter. For details about evacuation and emergency preparedness, along with other resources, please visit www.rdck.ca/eocinfo. The RDCK EOC public inquiry line is 250.352.7701.

For more information about evacuations and emergency preparedness, along with other resources: 

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