Board Meeting - September 2022 Highlights

New bylaw adopted for Salmo and Electoral Area G Library Financial Aid Service

The Board approved the adoption of the Salmo and Electoral Area G Library Financial Aid Service Bylaw. The bylaw received electoral approval via the Alternative Approval Process. Zero electoral response forms were received during the process. This new bylaw expands the service to include all of Electoral Area G for the purpose of funding the Salmo Valley Public Library.

Regional curbside collection program consultation to proceed to next phase

With the successful start of the Town of Creston curbside collection organics program, the Board directed staff to proceed with Phase 2 of the consultation for the proposed rural curbside collection services of garbage and organic waste. This consultation will provide Directors with information on the level of public support for the program, which would increase organics diversion and preserve landfill space. An estimated cost range per household per year would be between $180 - $240. Electoral Areas A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I and J have been identified as being feasible, while engagement with the Villages of Salmo and Slocan will proceed to assess their interest in participating in the program. Grant funding is in place to cover the cost of the consultation.

Funding agreement reached with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for paving in Electoral Area B

The Board approved the RDCK enter into an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) for the paving of 27th Avenue South, Creston (Electoral Area B). The paving of the street will allow better access to a growing local business hub and more importantly, ensure public safety for pedestrians walking along the stretch of road, by expanding the shoulders. The Board also directs staff to prepare a Community Works Funds application in the amount of $100,000 to go towards the cost of the project. The remaining cost of the project with be funded by MOTI.  

Dog control service establishment bylaw for Electoral Areas A, B and C

In order to address dangerous dog issues in the region, the Board authorizes staff to prepare a service establishment bylaw for dog control services within Electoral Areas A, B and C. The bylaw would provide statutory authority to act and be responsive to dog complaints from the community. Currently, the RDCK provides dog control services in Electoral Areas E, F, I, J and K. Based on a service case analysis, a $40,000 (between all three electoral areas) maximum annual requisition would adequately fund the service for the next five years.

Cancelled BC Transit Routes

Residents throughout the RDCK have dealt with cancelled BC Transit routes over the last two years due to a number of issues, including staff shortage. In order to determine how to better service RDCK communities, the Board direct staff to prepare a report regarding the cancelled transit routes within the RDCK service area for 2021 and 2022. The goal is to share this report with BC Transit and NextGen Transit to help find a solution to the service disruptions and ensure residents are able to get where they need to go, whether it is work, the grocery store or visiting friends and family.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports explaining what they have been working on. Click here to read the September reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 3.4, pg.120).

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