Flood watch advisory issued for RDCK

Nelson, BC: The BC River Forecast Centre has upgraded the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) to a Flood Watch. River and creek levels are rising and will approach or may exceed the banks. With hot temperatures continuing this week, snowmelt runoff is expected to increase substantially. Environment Canada is also forecasting between 30-60 mm of rain in some areas starting Friday. There is even a possibility of thunderstorms. Combined, all these factors significantly add to the potential flood hazard.

The RDCK warns everyone to exercise extreme caution around rivers and creeks and report any landslides or flooding to the Provincial Emergency Coordinator Centre at 1.800.663.3456.

It is imperative RDCK residents take the necessary steps to be flood prepared. The key to emergency preparedness is knowing the risks and having a plan. Know the hazards in your area and take the time NOW to assemble your family Emergency Kit and Grab and Go Bag. Your plan should also include where you will meet if you need to evacuate, including how you would move pets and livestock to a safe area, in the event the situation worsens and an Evacuation Order is enforced. Sandbags and sand are also available for residents at any of the locations listed on the RDCK website: www.rdck.ca/befloodprepared. It is also important to review your insurance policy. Standard home, tenant and condo insurance policies provide coverage for some of your expenses when you leave your home due to mandatory evacuation order.

Sign up for emergency notifications, through Voyent Alert! The RDCK uses the mass-notification system to send out critical information to residents and visitors in the event of an emergency. Residents should also be aware the province has expanded use of its broadcast intrusive system to include flooding and wildfire messaging. This allows local government and First Nations to use the service to alert residents if there is an imminent threat to life and public safety.

On April 30, the Kootenay Lake Board of Control declared the spring rise had begun. Residents and business along Kootenay Lake are encouraged to monitor lake levels. FortisBC provides daily updates on current and forecasted lake levels. For the most current information and to sign up for lake level notices, visit www.fortisbc.com/lakelevel. You can also subscribe to receive BC Hydro email updates on reservoir level forecasts for either the Lower Columbia River or the Upper Columbia River.

For details about evacuations and emergency preparedness, along with other resources, please visit www.rdck.ca/eocinfo. Follow the RDCK website, Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information.

For more emergency preparedness resources:

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