Electoral approval obtained for Recreation Commission No. 10 taxation bylaw change

Nelson, BC:  The results of the alternative approval process (AAP) seeking electoral approval to increase the annual requisition limit to provide recreation programming to the Recreation Commission No. 10—Area E Service Area have been tabulated and certified. Electoral approval for the bylaw change has been obtained.

A total of 34 electoral response forms were received by the AAP deadline, of which 29 responses could be verified. This is less than the 10% of eligible electors required to prevent the Board from proceeding with the bylaw. The results will be presented to the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Board of Directors at the August 18 meeting. If approved by the Board, Portion of Electoral Area E (Rec#10) Recreational Program Bylaw No. 787, 1990 will be repealed and replaced with Recreation Commission No. 10—Portion of Electoral Area E Service Establishment Bylaw 2819, 2022.

“Recreation Commission No. 10 has been active in some form or another since 1968, and has allowed the community to enjoy recreation programming and facilities” said Ramona Faust, RDCK Director of Electoral Area E. “I’d like to thank the residents of the service area for letting us know, through this process, how much these programs are valued by the community.”

Recreation Commission No. 10 currently has minimal direct taxation (a total of only $1,000 per year), with remaining funding coming from Community Development Grants from Area E. These grants are not intended to be the primary source of funding for local services like Recreation Commission No. 10. Other recreation services at the RDCK are funded through taxation, which provides greater transparency and long-term sustainability of the service.

The bylaw change, if approved by the Board, will allow the RDCK a more sustainable vehicle through which to continue recreation programming in the area through the establishment of regular taxation.

Information about the potential tax impact and additional information can be found at: www.rdck.ca/Rec10.

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