Board Meeting - June 2022 Highlights

Recreation Commission No. 10 Alternative Approval Process

The Board directed staff to proceed with obtaining approval of the electors within a portion of Electoral Area E for the repeal and replacement of Portion of Electoral Area E Recreational Program Bylaw. The new bylaw would increase the annual requisition limit to provide recreational programming to the Recreation Commission No. 10 – Area E Service Area (Balfour, Harrop and Proctor). The goal is to provide sustainable funding for local recreation services. Approval is to be obtained through the Alternative Approval Process (AAP). The Board obtains approval if fewer than 10% of eligible electors in the area covered by the AAP submit elector response forms in opposition of the particular matter. For more information go to

The proposed increased to the maximum annual allowable requisition will allow the service to be funded in accordance with the Regional District 2022-26 Financial Plan.


Requisition Amount

Residential Rate per $1000

Taxation on a $500,000 residence













Creston Valley fire services agreement

The Board approved the RDCK and the Town of Creston enter a Fire Service Agreement, to transfer operation of the Canyon-Lister Fire Department to Creston Fire Rescue, including the leasing of the fire hall and apparatus. This agreement improves the overall operational effectiveness of fire and emergency service delivery within the Creston Valley, ensuring all residents have access to a well-resourced fire and emergency response. In conjunction, the Board adopted the Creston Valley Fire Service Regulation Bylaw which is a framework for the provision of fire protection services, within defined portions of Electoral Areas A, B and C, provided by the Creston Municipal Fire Department. Creston Fire Rescue will now become responsible to provide fire protection services in the Canyon-Lister service area.

Software upgrade for Resource Recovery facilities

New software, including license plate scanners for each scaled facility, a dedicated cloud server and mobile devices to utilize data app and features will be implemented at RDCK resource recovery facilities. The RDCK will enter a licensing agreement with Strong Data Automation to provide new software for resource recovery facilities. With more accurate and complete tracking capabilities, the new software will help staff make better, informed decisions, but most importantly improve the overall user experience with faster, more efficient processing.

Strategic Priorities Fund applications

The RDCK will proceed with four applications for the Union of BC Municipalities Strategic Priorities Funding. The program supports infrastructure and capacity building projects that are either large in scale, regional in impact or innovative, and align with the program objectives of productivity and economic growth and strong cities and communities. The three capital project applications from the RDCK are: Erickson Universal Water Metering, to conserve water and lower customer rates, linear Infrastructure upgrades to RDCK water systems, such as water main replacements, and upgrades to the Castlegar and District Community Complex area, including arena floor replacement. The RDCK will also submit a fourth application under the capacity building stream for our climate action plan.

West Kootenay Regional Airport

In recognition of the importance of the West Kootenay Regional Airport, the Board is providing a letter of support to the City of Castlegar’s application to the Union of BC Municipalities Strategic Priorities Funding, for airport upgrades. The funding would go to critical upgrades to improve the facility and passenger experience, including a navigational performance solution to reduce the number of cancellations and expanding the terminal for the arrival of larger aircraft. This would include the expansion of the terminal building, vehicle entrance and parking.

Grohman Dock Feasibility Study

The RDCK planning department provided information from a feasibility study completed for the Grohman Creek Docking Society for docking facilities accessible by road year-round. The Grohman Creek neighbourhood, located on the north side of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake in Electoral Area F, is looking for more accessible facilities on the Nelson side of the Lake. Four potential sites were identified for further discussion: Lakeside Drive, Jorgenson Road, Second Street and Sproat Drive. All four sites present challenges that limit their feasibility, but will now be presented to the Docking Society. The estimated cost for a dock and parking facility is $1,730,000.

Wildfire development permit area project

Staff will work with Urban Systems, a consulting firm focused on building safe and sustainable communities, to craft a template of guidelines for electoral areas to mitigate and protect their communities from wildfire. The establishment of a wildfire development permit area in wildfire interface areas is considered a high priority by the RDCK’s Community Wildfire Protection Plans. The project seeks to utilize the local government’s regulatory authority to require new development to be designed in such a way that minimizes the risks associated with wildfire and builds natural hazard and climate change resilience within the RDCK. The project will include a public engagement strategy to build awareness, complement other FireSmart public education initiatives and encourage the public to provide their feedback.

Community Sustainable Living Advisory Committee

The Community Sustainable Living Advisory Committee (CSLAC) has been given direction to investigate options for two new projects. The first, a study for the Duck Creek area above Wynndel looking at the cumulative impacts of activity in the watershed. The second, to explore options for energy storage in rural areas as an option to increase power reliability and facilitate a transition to a lower carbon future. The investigations are the second step of a project evaluation process created by CSLAC that requires staff to prepare a report detailing the proposed project’s workplan, funding model, budget and how it supports sustainable communities.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports explaining what they have been working on. Click here to read the June reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 3.4, pg.187).

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