Building Activity in the RDCK Continues at Record Levels

Nelson, BC: Building activity in the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) remains at record levels as we pass the first quarter of 2021. Through the end of March, inspections completed by building officials are up 50% over last year at this time and permits issued are up 46% over this time last year as well.

Throughout this high growth period, our small pool of dedicated RDCK building officials, as well as, administrative and technical support staff continue to provide prompt, quality and professional building services to the community, despite working with limited staff resources and a high volume of work. Current processing time for building permits is approximately six weeks, though processing times can be longer as staff are now spending more time in the field completing inspections and less time in the office.

“We appreciate your patience and understanding during this extremely busy time,” said Christopher Gainham, RDCK Building Manager. “We recommend all potential applicants prepare accordingly for extended processing times as we deal with unprecedented demand.”

To reduce the likelihood that an application is rejected or delayed, applicants should ensure they come prepared with a “counter ready application”, meaning the application is complete and free from errors or omissions. By doing so, you will help reduce processing time and do your part to make sure your project stays on schedule.

To assist applicants in navigating the building process, the RDCK has produced some useful online resources, including our permit application information page.

Click here for the RDCK Building Brochure which provides useful guidance on the requirements when applying for a building permit.  

Click here for general information on the building process on our main page.

Click here for a print-friendly PDF version.

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