Changes to Commercial Recycling in the RDCK

Nelson, BC: The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is moving to a new recycling program in partnership with Recycle BC that will impact recycling for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sector across the district. Recycle BC is a stewardship program responsible for residential packaging and printed paper. ICI recycling and non-packaging material are not accepted in the Recycle BC system. 

In the new partnership, the RDCK is responsible for the collection of acceptable recyclables which are then hauled, processed and marketed by Recycle BC. Recycle BC is funded by producers of packaging and printed paper intended for the residential market. Producers of products intended for the ICI market do not financially contribute to the program; therefore, Recycle BC considers ICI recyclables as contamination. 

The BC Recycling Regulation does not address ICI recyclables, thus these materials do not currently fall under the mandate of a stewardship program. The current recycling market creates high costs and challenges for private recycling programs.

“The RDCK Board recognizes that in many of our small, remote communities it makes little sense for the provincial program to expect our local businesses to make their own arrangements to recycle materials which come from commercial packaging, but in most respects are the same as residential recycling,” said Garry Jackman, Area A Director, Chair of East Resource Recovery Committee. “This only makes sense for institutions, industry or big box outlets found in larger urban centres which is the model on which the program was based. The RDCK and other regional districts are lobbying the province to address this gap.”

ICI recycling was previously accepted at all RDCK depots, under the new program ICI recycling will:

  • Only accept flattened cardboard
  • Only accepted at the Ootischenia, Crescent Valley, New Denver, Nakusp, Nelson (Lakeside) and Creston depots
  • Only available during set hours of depot operation

Businesses that produce high volumes of other recyclable material are encouraged to reach out to private collectors.

The Recycle BC program requires residents to sort recyclables into main categories and requires depots to be staffed and secured in an effort to reduce contamination and improve recyclability. The new program is set to launch throughout the district, starting in mid-June through August. 

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