Kootenay Lake Ferry Oil Spill Update

Nelson, BC

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is updating residents on the status of the gear oil spill in Balfour from the Kootenay Lake Ferry on April 15th.

The spill has been contained and the faulty piece of equipment was removed from the ferry yesterday morning. Two barrels or just over 416 L of emulsified oil and water solution were recovered from the leaking piece of machinery.

Monitoring and sampling has been done along the shore as far as Heuston Rd to ensure there is no residual product and to identify areas that require further remediation.

Oil seen on the water as a shiny sheen and a rainbow sheen are at very low quantities that subject matter experts have indicated will dissipate or have dissipated already. For the volume of material, dissipation is considered the best means of mitigation along with the booms placed around the spill.

Water samples were taken Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and results should be back by Friday.

For further information, please see the Ministry of Environment’s spill site report for the Balfour incident: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/environment/air-land-water/spills-environmental-emergencies/spill-incidents/kootenay-lake-ferry-incident

For further information, please contact:
Western Pacific Marine


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