Notice of Risk of Exposure

This page provides information about positive cases of COVID-19 at RDCK recreation facilities or programs that have been confirmed to us by Interior Health.

Anybody who is a close contact of a confirmed case and may have been exposed is being contacted directly. If this happens, follow the directions provided to you by the Public Health team. In cases where not everyone can be reached, IH will post public exposures online:  

This information is being provided out of transparency. Some details are not being released for privacy reasons. Updates will be archived after one month. If we receive any further direction or guidance from Interior Health, we will act accordingly.

Date posted Location of Potential Exposure Date(s) of Potential Exposure




The RDCK reminds everyone to continue to be vigilant and to follow the guidance from the BC Provincial Health Officer to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19. Learn more from the following resources:

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