Request for Proposal for Design-Build Services - East Shore Connectivity - Fibre Optics

The purpose of this RFP is to invite proposals from qualified companies to provide Design-Build Services for the EAST SHORE CONNECTIVITY - DESIGN BUILD PROJECT.

The RDCK is requesting proposals from qualified, experienced companies to provide design, permitting, project management, and construction services to build fibre optic networks in the following two communities:

  1. Boswell; and
  2. Riondel

The scope of work includes the provision of the full and complete design, permitting, materials, construction of all the work necessary to establish fibre optic (dark) connectivity between the locations identified and to the specifications in the attached Project Development Agreement. The RDCK intends to evaluate and negotiate with proponents to find a solution which will effectively result in new fibre networks that provide the best value to residents and ratepayers. The RDCK is open to reviewing proposals that utilize alternate materials, construction methods and/or schedules and which fit within the framework of the project scope and intent and meet all required Codes, Acts and Regulations.

Proprosals will be accepted in accordance with the Istructions to Proponents until 4:00 pm (Local Time), February 10, 2022.

For more information contact:
AJ Evenson
Senior Project Manager
PH:  250.352.8191


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