Board Meeting - March 2021 Highlights

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March 18, 2021

RDCK Adopts Five-Year Financial Plan

The RDCK Board adopted its 2021 – 2025 Financial Plan Bylaw, an annual requirement which must be completed by March 31. This year’s budget was focused on necessary support for RDCK’s core services, while trying to ensure the impact to the local taxpayer was limited during the pandemic. Many costs have been deferred to 2022 and the vast majority of the RDCK’s 180 services will see little to no increase, however core services such as fire and resource recovery face increasing pressures and costs, and do have tax increases in 2021. 

The RDCK hosted eight virtual public meetings through February and March which allowed the public in our various sub regions to comment and provide feedback on the five year Financial Plan.

RDCK to Facilitate Land Acquisition Around Cottonwood Lake Regional Park

The Board approved the RDCK facilitating the purchase of the remaining portion of the property around Cottonwood Lake Regional Park on behalf of the Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society. The RDCK will enter a grant contribution agreement with Columbia Basin Trust for $60,000 and Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program for $75,000. The RDCK will purchase the property and hold until the property is transferred to a non-profit conservation society. The land will be protected under conservation values in perpetuity.

North Kootenay Lake Rural Recovery Project

The Board approved the RDCK enter into a contribution agreement with the Province for the North Kootenay Lake Rural Recovery Project. The project will receive a one time grant under the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) Rural Economic Recovery Stream in the amount of $197,413. The funds will go towards providing direct support to businesses in North Kootenay Lake through strengthening supply chains, incubating agricultural capacity and the adoption of digital marketing and e-commerce.

Feasibility Study Approved for Flood Prevention Services for Parts of Electoral Area G

The Board approved staff to prepare a report investigating the feasibility of creating a service for flood prevention within parts of Eric Creek and Salmo River in Electoral Area G. Local residents are concerned by increased flooding in the area and would like to know how to best protect their properties and what the cost of remediation would be.

Erickson Water Service Loan Authorization

The Board direct staff to proceed with obtaining approval of the electors within the Erickson Water Distribution Service Area for long-term borrowing in the amount of $3,729,100. The money will be used for a universal metering project. Approval is to be obtained through the Alternative Approval Process (AAP). The Board obtains approval if fewer than 10% of eligible electors in the area covered by the AAP submit elector response forms in opposition of the particular matter.

Nelson Public Library Feasibility Study

The Board direct staff to research the costs, options, processes and the public communications plan for establishing contribution service in Electoral Area E to provide funding to the Nelson Public Library commencing in 2022.


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