RDCK exploring options to address logging on private lands near Cottonwood Lake

Nelson, BC: At today’s meeting of the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Board, the Nelson, Salmo, E, F & G Regional Parks Commission shared an update on what the Commission is doing with respect to the logging taking place on private lands near Cottonwood Lake Regional Park. In a verbal report, the Commission expressed its concerns about the logging and acknowledged that they have been receiving calls from upset residents and groups. The Board resolved to direct staff to explore the options that might be available.

“The public is very concerned about the impact of logging taking place near Cottonwood Park, and the Commission shares those concerns,” said Ramona Faust, Chair of the Commission and Director of RDCK Electoral Area E. “Cottonwood Lake Regional Park and the Nelson-Salmo Great Northern Rail Trail are destinations for residents, families and visitors, and we all value the environmental, recreational and aesthetic qualities of the area. We want to look into what actions we can take to maintain those qualities.”

The RDCK does not own any of the lands being logged. The logging is taking place on private lands owned by Nelson Land Corporation (NLC). There is little regulation for the harvesting of timber on private lands. However, the RDCK wishes to explore what options are available with NLC to preserve the integrity of the adjacent regional park and trail system, and protect the area’s ecosystem.

“We know that residents and groups are concerned and have a lot to say about what is going on,” said Director Faust. “We hear you. We have been in contact with the owner, as well as with other stakeholders who also have an interest in this. We will provide an update when we know more.”

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