Evacuation Alert for area south of Renata to include Shields

Nelson, BC: Yesterday, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) issued an Evacuation Alert for nine addresses located south of Renata on Lower Arrow Lake due to wildfires. The community of Shields, located further south along the lake, is now included in the alert area to align with the area identified by BC Wildfire Service.

A map of the amended alert area follows, and it can also be found on the RDCK website here.

“While Shields was not originally included in the alert area map, notification was hand-delivered to households there last night, and we have amended our alert map to include that area,” said Andrew Bellerby, Director of the RDCK Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and Regional Fire Chief. “If the situation worsens and the original alert area is ordered to evacuate for their safety, or if access roads are closed, people in the Shields area may also have to evacuate.”

Under an Evacuation Alert, residents, summer residents, campers and visitors should be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. It is recommended to prepare an emergency kit and ensure preparedness in the event that the situation worsens, and an Evacuation Order is enforced.

There are three fires currently clustered and active in the area, totaling approximately 85 hectares.  The largest, the South of Renata Creek wildfire (N52549), is in the Bulldog Mountain area, about five kilometres south of Renata. It is being monitored closely by BC Wildfire Service. The other two fires are known as South of Renata Creek 2 (N52550) and East of Dog Creek (N52497).

Updates will be provided via the RDCK website, Facebook and Twitter as more information becomes available.

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Map of amended alert area.


For further information, please contact:

EOC Information Officer
Regional District of Central Kootenay
Tel: 250-352-7701  |  Cell: 250-354-3476
Email: eocinfo@rdck.bc.ca

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