Bulletin from the Interior Health Authority

Interior Health is informed of the spill of up to 17 barrels of bilge water contaminated with marine fuel near Kaslo, BC. While the exact location of spills are not determined yet, the initial reports are suggestive of the risk of contaminations on Back Road between Highway 31 North to Kaslo West Road. At this time we are not aware of any impact on public drinking water systems. The local public drinking water operators are notified about the incident and they continue to monitor the situation. Interior Health is advising owners of properties with private water intakes adjacent to Back Road between Highway 31 North to Kaslo West Road to closely monitor their water for any signs of fuel contamination such as a sheen on the surface of the water or a smell. If there is any sign of contamination of the water such as change in smell or taste, residents of affected properties should avoid using  the water. This means no drinking, showering/bathing or brushing teeth if a fuel odour is detected. Boiling the water will not make it safe. Properties with private water intakes can obtain additional information regarding testing their water from Marion Masson at 250-420-2233.

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