Balfour Water System upgrades continue

Users can expect service interruptions and water quality notices

Nelson, BC: The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is asking customers on the Balfour Water System to be prepared for service interruptions and possible water quality notices as the upgrades project continues. While a recent boil water notice was rescinded, the RDCK will continue to assess the risk to water quality from ongoing construction activities, and may issue other water quality notices if needed.

“The health and safety of water users is our primary concern, so if we feel there is any risk to water quality, we will issue an advisory or notice as required,” said Uli Wolf, General Manager of Environmental Services at the RDCK. “Service interruptions and water notices are an expected side-effect to the kind of work being done, and we would like to thank customers in advance for their patience.”

The watermain tie-ins in lower Balfour—Highway 3A, Balfour Wharf Road, Ferry Landing Road, and the Busk Road area—will require planned service interruptions to many residences and businesses. Advance notice of interruptions will be provided to affected residents and businesses via the RDCK’s Water Notifications Service, notices posted in the community, and sandwich-board signs. The contractor will coordinate directly with property occupants for any individual water-service connection interruptions.

To receive notifications of water quality notices by text or phone message, Balfour water users can sign up for the RDCK’s Water Notifications Service by calling 1-833-223-2662.

As of June 27, 2018, over 1300 metres of new watermain has been completed. The next phase of work will involve reservoir replacement, back-up power and universal metering, and should be completed during the summer and into the fall of 2018. The exposure of aging infrastructure has led the project team to delay work in the Busk Road area, East of Madeline Street in order to evaluate what impact this might have on the project overall. In the meantime, work is ongoing with the transition to the new watermain on Highway 3A.

“As with any other project of this size, we are experiencing our share of issues along the way that require us to pause so we can properly assess the situation and evaluate the best way forward,” said Mr. Wolf. “Old and fragile infrastructure that needs to be replaced is one such issue, but that just highlights for us the importance of this project and the importance of ongoing water conservation efforts.”

Despite the completion of a new treatment plant in 2011, the Balfour Water System continues to face capacity, aging infrastructure, reliability and financial challenges.

The RDCK was awarded a $2.8 million Clean Water & Wastewater Fund Grant (CWWF) to undertake capital upgrades in the Balfour Water System, contingent on the Regional District to provide the balance of the project costs of $583,323.00. An Assent Voting Process (Referendum) was held in June 2017 to gain public approval for project borrowing. The results indicated that 87.9% of voters were in support of the borrowing, with 12.1% opposed.

Project work commenced in early 2018 and, under the granting agency requirements, all project components must be completed in their entirety by March 31, 2019. The next phase of work includes universal water metering and upgrades to the treatment plant and lake pump station.

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For further information, please contact:

Uli Wolf
General Manager of Environmental Services
Regional District of Central Kootenay
Phone: (250) 352-8163

For media enquiries:

Maria Hypponen
Communications Coordinator
Regional District of Central Kootenay
Phone: (205) 352-1531

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