South Slocan Bridge Replacement: Preparations Underway

Preparations to replace the bridge in South Slocan with rock fill and a pedestrian tunnel
are underway.

Motorists will notice that trees have been removed close to the bridge. Crews have also felled trees at Beasley Bluffs to prepare for a significant rock cut. The blasted rock will provide road fill for the South Slocan project and result in additional safety benefits on Highway 3A by increasing sight lines, expanding the clear zones and improving snow storage.

The road design will also include wider shoulders and improved intersection designs on adjacent roads.

The pedestrian underpass will create future trail connectivity in the area. Additional improvements to the existing trail network will result from the project, including new signage and a new trailhead at the end of South Slocan Station Road, as well as asphalt paving along the rail trail from South Slocan to Pass Creek Road.
Construction on the project is expected to finish by November 15th.


For further information contact:
Anitra Winje
Corporate Officer

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