Riondel Water System Notice of Flushing


 Some residents have been experiencing a loss in pressure or loss in water flow. With the help of the Riondel community, the RDCK started flushing the water system on Monday, January 16th at noon mountain time, which seemed to have fixed the known issues. As a follow up, the RDCK will continue flushing the system Tuesday, January 17th. We are asking residents to contact the RDCK if they notice low household water pressure, and/or unusual water pooling outside in yards.

Note that while service will not be interrupted, there is potential for elevated turbidity or cloudiness during flushing.  Please refrain from doing laundry on this day. Please flush water through a tap (preferably an outside hose bibb) until it is clear and odourless prior to consumption.

If you have any questions regarding this notification please contact:

RDCK Water Services Department
PH:  250-352-8171 / 1-800-268-7325

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