Highlights from Harrop Creek Wildfire Public Meeting

A Public Meeting was held at the Procter Community Hall on Monday, September 4th at 6:00 pm.  In attendance were:

Mike Allen, Incident Commander, BC Wildfire Service
Billy Stevens, Operations Chief, BC Wildfire Service
Brent Martin, Fire Centre Manager, BC Wildfire Service
Andrew Bellerby, Regional Fire Chief, RDCK
Travis Abbey, Emergency Program Supervisor, RDCK
Nora Hannon, Emergency Management/Balfour Harrop Fire Chief
Deb Burnett, EOC Information Officer, RDCK
Katie Ward, Ministry of Transportation
Brian Coe, Ministry of Transportation
Sophie McLean, RCMP
Sangita Sudan, Acting CAO, RDCK
Ramona Faust, Area E Director

Mike Allen provided a detailed power point presentation, highlighting the events leading up to the current Harrop Creek wildfire situation. To download the presentation, click on the link below.

Power Point Presentation from Mike Allan, BC Wildfire - September 4 Public Meeting [PPTX - 12 MB]

From this meeting, many questions were answered, including the important information captured below:

What should you do now after the Harrop Creek Wildfire Public Meeting?

  • Ensure that you are signed up for RDCK Emergency Alerts and the designated Information List
  • Make your property as ‘FIRESMART’ as possible by removing  any dry foliage and any flammable materials within a 30 foot radius of the property
  • Make a 72 hour Emergency Preparedness kit for you and your family
  • Make plans for a place to stay for you and your pets
  • For those worried about being away from their homes when the Evacuation Order is issued and not being able to return home, arrange to have animals collected by neighbours or friends while they evacuate. If this is not achievable, RCMP requests a note be placed on your front door stating how many pets are inside
  • Move any livestock, boats or trailers via the the cable ferry before the Evacuation Order is issued. (Only passenger single vehicles will be permitted if the Evacuation Order is in place

 What steps will be taken by the RDCK Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) if BC Wildfire Service deems it necessary to issue an Evacuation Order?

  • Declare a State of Local Emergency
  • Send the ‘Emergency Alert’ via text, landline and email to notify affected residents
  • Send agencies out to deliver the Evacuation Order door to door
  • Engage Police, Search and Rescue, Fire Departments, BC Ambulance, Ministry of Transportation,  BC Ferries and other key agencies to activate the pre-arranged evacuation plan
  • Set up the Emergency Social Services Centre at Mary Hall, 10th Street Campus Trail, Nelson

 What should you do once BC Wildfire Service has requested the issue of an Evacuation Order?

  • Visit the RDCK website for information once the ‘Emergency Alert’ has been received
  • Follow the advice and direction given on the RDCK website and on the Evacuation Order
  • Share news of the evacuation with those that may not have received the Emergency Alert
  • Make sure you have your 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kit before leaving
  • Create a buddy system to help neighbours with mobility or health issues
  • Secure your property
  • Remain calm and follow the guidance of agencies sent to assist you in the evacuation



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