Evacuation Alert Issued for Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay, Kootenay Lake Village

Due to recent changes in activity of the Harrop Creek wildfire, the Regional District of Central Kootenay has issued an Evacuation Alert for 486 properties within Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village.  See map.

This Evacuation Alert has been issued to prepare residents to leave at a moment’s notice should the fire threaten lives or properties.  Athough there is no requirement for residents and visitors to leave at this time, it is recommended that preparations should be made including the relocation of livestock, trailers, and boats.  This action can only take place within the Evacuation Alert phase as there is only 1 access/egress route that depends on the cable ferry.  In the event of an Evacuation Order, the ferry would be restricted to vehicles and passengers only, due to limited time and ferry capacity.  Absolutely no trailers will be allowed.

All RDCK residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to sign up to the RDCK Emergency Alert system which will contact users when an emergency or disaster strikes in their area and action is required. To sign up, go to:  http://www.rdck.ca/EN/main/services/emergency-management/emergency-alerts.html

For updates on the current Harrop Creek wildfire situation, visit:

BC Wildfire – Interactive Map of Current Fires
RDCK will provide updates as information becomes available or by 2:00 pm tomorrow.



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