FAQS: COVID-19 and RDCK Resource Recovery Facilities

Are waste and recycling facilities open?

  • All Landfills and Transfer Stations have resumed normal operations and are accepting payment and all regularly accepted materials.

  • The Reuse Shed remains closed at all facilities.

  • Currently hours of operation remain the same and all facilities are operational. However, the public is asked to consider if their trip to a facility is essential. Please respect our  processes put in place to protect continued operations for essential services and public health.

  • STAY HOME and DO NOT come to sites if you are unwell, have potentially been exposed or if you are under quarantine.

Is garbage disposal free?

  • Payment of tipping fees has been reinstated at all sites, now that safety plans, site retrofits, and in-person training for new procedures have been completed.

  • Users at all sites can expect to see delays due to the new protective measures and processes put in place.At non-scaled sites, users are asked to remain in their vehicle and await instruction from the site attendant.  Once your load has been assessed the attendant will direct you towards the new payment transaction area.  Users are reminded to not attempt to pay the attendant until you are in the designated area. In order to maintain proper physical distancing safety measures, users are reminded to maintain a minimum of six feet distance from staff and other site users at all times.

  • Commercial customers will continue to have charges placed on account and may bring all material types at this time.

Can I apply for a commercial account?

  • At this time, there are no additional restrictions on setting up accounts, but we are asking only essential services to set up accounts.

  • For non-essential commercial customers, we recommend that they contact a local private waste hauler to arrange temporary servicing or pay at the site.

  • Accounts take 2 weeks normally to set up. With the increased demand during COVID-19, there may be additional delays.

  • New accounts require a successful credit check.

  • Fill out the online application form, found on our website https://rdck.ca/EN/main/administration/departments/finance.html

  • Email the completed form to ar@rdck.bc.ca OR mdreher@rdck.bc.ca

What if I am not eligible for a commercial account?

Are curbside collection programs continuing and do I need bag tags? 

  • The RDCK does not offer any curbside services.  Please contact your municipality or service provider to inquire about their programs.

Are bottle depots and other Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) recycling centres open at this time?

  • The RDCK does not directly operate EPR depots and it is up to each individual operator to decide whether to remain open or not. Check the Recycling Council of British Columbia website www.rcbc.ca or hotline 1-800-667-4321 to see which depots are open and accepting material. Refundable containers can be deposited in curbside and depot recycling, however, residents are encouraged to hold on to refundables and EPR recyclables until services resume.

What is being done about illegal dumping at this time?

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