Regional Energy Efficiency Program

The Regional District Central Kootenay (RDCK) is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy. The Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) has three options for saving energy and money in your home. By participating, you will access help through the process such as next steps, energy advisors, contractors, rebates, and low interest financing.

The Regional Energy Efficiency Program is here to help.

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If you are looking to renovate, change out those leaky windows, replace that antique furnace, upgrade your attic insulation or anything else in your home, let us help you!  This program includes:


Registration for an EnerGuide Home Pre & Post Renovation Energy Assessment

 - Blower door test

 - Advice on your green renovation options

 - Advice on rebates, incentives, and financing

 - Support on how to get the most out of your newly renovated home


Connection with Contractors and Energy Advisors


Support through the maze of Rebates & Incentives available from CleanBC, FortisBC, BC Hydro and NRCan and the process to get them









If you rent or own your home and qualify based on your household income, this program offers:





Free Energy Evaluation


Free installation of energy efficient products


Some may also qualify for: 


- Free energy efficient refrigerator


- Natural Gas Furnace


- Insulation


















If you are looking to build a new home, either yourself or with a contractor, this program will provide:



Information on energy efficient, high performing homes


Information on the BC Step Code


Information on incentives available and support through the application processes


Advice on heating systems


Support on Integrated Design Process


Step Code Information Pack












This is for homeowners who are interested in completing a home energy assessment for interest, house sale or are looking at carrying out home renovations. 

By registering for REEP, you will receive:

  • A dedicated team to support you through your renovation journey
  • Information on current upgrade options, technologies, energy advisors, contractors, rebates, incentives and low-interest financing 
  • Support in booking an EnerGuide audit both before and after your renovation

EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation 

Register to have an EnerGuide home energy evaluation, and you will learn where heat is escaping and which energy upgrades you should focus on. This is also the FIRST STEP required in a new Government of Canada Home Energy Retrofit Initiative. Grants up to $5,000 towards energy upgrades and free EnerGuide evaluations. (This is in addition to current rebate offers that can add up to $12,000).

The  EnerGuide Pre-Upgrade Home Evaluation is critical for a number of reasons: 

  • To ensure all of your upgrades will count towards current rebate offers
  • To identify where your house is leaking and losing heat
  • To determine what energy efficient upgrades (retrofits) can be done to increase comfort, reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • To prioritise which upgrades would be most beneficial to your home
  • A Pre-Upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation is required as the FIRST STEP for the new Government of Canada Home Energy Retrofit Initiative which provide grants up to $5,000 towards energy upgrades and free EnerGuide evaluations

The EnerGuide Post-Upgrade Home Evaluation is important as it:

  • Ensures you can apply for rebates for your qualifying upgrades
  • Allows you to track the improvements your upgrades made to your home
  • Provides you with an up to date energy performance label for your home taking into account all of your upgrades

This EnerGuide Home Evaluations include a thorough home inspection, energy model and a blower door test as well as a detailed final report and performance score at the end.

For more information, watch these videos to understand a little more on the blower door test and the experience you would have as a resident:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


To support the move to high performance building, there are numerous rebates accessible for Exisiting Homes. The whole list can be seen here:


 If you qualify, based on your income, this program offers free installation and supply of energy efficient products, this is available for those who rent or own their homes. Some homes may even qualify for a refrigerator, insulation and a natural gas furnace. 

ECAP Qualified Registrants




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


A new home is one of the biggest investments a person will make and will be a huge part of your life for years to come. Get the most out of your home by planning, designing and building a new home informed by energy modeling. Maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing operation costs is most effective and least expensive when done from the design stage. 

The Energy Assessment, combined with air tightness testing allows you to see the performance of your home right from design stage.

The BC Energy Step Code is coming – it focuses on a performance based code rather than a prescriptive code – essentially ensuring maximum flexibility of options of materials and techniques to get you to a high performance standard. 

Step Code aims to “building beyond the standard” that requires energy modeling and end-of-construction testing to ensure your home is built to perform well in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and of course safety.  
Learn more on building your home with maximum home comfort, long-term durability and reduced operating utility costs.   

To access more information and to be connected with a New Home Energy Advisor, please register:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


To support the move to high performance building, there are numerous rebates accessible for New Homes. The whole list can be seen here:

To reach Step Code, the current rebates are laid out below:

FortisBC & Nelson Hydro Electricity Regions:

Apply through FortisBC for Step Code Rebates

Step 3 - $4,000

Step 4 - $6,000

Step 5 - $10,000

Energy Advisor Support Rebate

$500 per individually modelled home or unit
($400 to the builder / $100 to the Energy Advisor)

Bonus Additional Rebates
ENERGY STAR natural gas dryer – $100
EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace – $500
Drain water heat recovery system – $250
Connected Thermostats – $100


For your convenience, you can download this list of download this list of contractors who do energy upgrade work

* Please note that this list is not a pre-qualified nor recommended list of contractors; it is for your convenience only. Inclusion on this list does not indicate endorsement by the RDCK or any party or persons affiliated with the Regional Energy Efficiency Program. You are welcome to contact any other contractor not on this list. If you use a contractor on or off of this list please ensure that you still ask the same questions as you would when hiring a contractor outside of this program. Some things to ask for are qualifications, references, licenses and experience. The work being done in your home is the sole responsibility of you and your contractor, not the RDCK or any persons affiliated with delivering the Regional Energy Efficiency Program.


The Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) and FortisBC invites you to improve the energy efficiency of your home with a thermal imaging camera and the FortisBC draft-proofing kit. 
To learn how to participate in the See The Heat program and additional program resources please visit: 



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