Crescent Valley Beach Regional Park

Crescent Valley Beach Regional Park (Crescent Valley Beach) is a frequently visited and picturesque park on the shoreline of the Slocan River in the Kootenay’s Crescent Valley community. The park has a total area of 2.53 hectares and is designated as a Waterfront Access park. River activities, the beach and upland trails attract locals and tourists alike. In summer months, visitors can expect Crescent Valley Beach to be lively and active with people kayaking, rafting, canoeing, swimming, picnicing or simply enjoying the park’s natural environment. The park also provides important habitat for wildlife. The upland park area includes mature Ponderosa pine and black cottonwood, a valued habitat for species at risk. The property also serves to showcase the historic use as a former sawmill.




Crescent Valley Beach – Parking Lot Project

Q. Why are we creating a paved parking lot?

A.         The RDCK is paving the area that is currently used by park/beach users. This will provide improved parking and enable the RDCK to better maintain the area throughout all seasons.

This paving project is part of Phase 1 of the park management plan as developed by the RDCK in consultation with the community. The RDCK will further develop parking in the next phase, which will add 45 additional spaces, including two RV spots.

This project will improve park access and safety and add to users’ enjoyment of Crescent Valley Beach.

Q. Why is the parking lot being closed when beach usage is high?

A.         The work is being coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation, Selkirk Paving and Yellowhead Road and Bridge during the Highway 6 paving project.

This will save costs.

Q. When will the parking lot close and how long will it be closed?

A.         The parking lot will be closed as of Thursday, July 23rd when preparation of the lot for paving will occur.

The paving will take place when the contractors reach Crescent Valley Beach as they move south along Highway 6.

Q. Where can I park?

A.         The Crescent Valley Community Hall has generously offered space for users to park. However, if an event is taking place, such as a funeral, we ask that park users find another safe spot to park their vehicle.

The RDCK will update the public as to when the project is nearing completion.

The RDCK thanks park users for their patience and cooperation as we embark on this exciting first phase of the project.

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