General Local Elections

Elections for directors to represent the electoral areas occur every four (4) years as part of the General Local Election system in British Columbia (recent legislative changes have resulted in four-year terms rather than three-year terms). 

The next local government elections will be held on October 20, 2018.  Directors may be elected by acclamation (in the case of a single qualified candidate) or by voting (where there is more than one qualified candidate).

Voting in local elections is limited to residents and non-resident property owners of the voting jurisdiction who meet minimum statutory qualifications.

In the event a vacancy occurs for a director, a by-election to fill the vacancy will usually be held as soon as reasonably possible.

Key Election Dates will be added when they become available from the Province of BC.


Action or Deadline


9:00 am - Nomination Period Begins


Election Proceedings Period Begins


4:00 pm - Nomination period ends


Declaration of Candidates


4:00 pm - Nomination Challenge Deadline


4:00 pm - Nomination Documents Originals to   local Chief Election Officer Deadline


Deadline for withdrawal of candidates and   withdrawal of elector organization endorsement


4:00 pm - Declaration of election by voting


8:00 am - 8:00 pm - Advance Voting Day


8:00 am - 8:00 pm - Local Government   Election Day (locations to be announced)


Campaign Period Ends


Election Proceedings Period Ends


Declaration of Official Election Results


Judicial Recount Application Deadline


Judicial Recount Completion Deadline


Oath or Affirmation of Office Deadline


Disclosures Statements Filing Deadline


Disclosure Statements Late Filing Deadline

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Chief Election Officer
Randy Matheson
(250) 352-8153

Deputy Chief Election Officer

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