Village of Salmo - Stephen White

Stephen grew up in the Ottawa valley before moving to Ymir and the Wildhorse Valley in the early 1970s.  As a young man he worked in a number of industries; Forestry in the mills and as a tree planter, Healthcare as a nursing orderly in veterans’ hospitals and in Administration for the Federal Government and Crown Corporations. 

In 1980 Stephen was asked to volunteer as a representative for workers in the federal public service.  By 1987 he had moved up through the ranks from a shop steward and union counsellor to National President of a federal union and was required to live and work in Ottawa.  This opportunity helped develop his leadership and advocacy skills in front of federal labour tribunals, parliamentary committees and labour arbitrators.  Stephen also developed and wrote policies, constitutions, bylaws, countless contracts and established and administered multi-million dollar budgets for national organizations. His work required him to travel across Canada, Whitehorse and Yellowknife working with federal government representatives.   

After 3 elected terms in Ottawa, Stephen was recruited to a senior staff position by a public sector union in the lower mainland, representing workers throughout BC who worked in a provincial government agency. He valued the knowledge he acquired during his employment with the union of provincial and federal statues.   

In 2011, a long anticipated transfer to Nelson finally came through for Stephen’s wife Kim, allowing him and his family to return home to the Kootenays. Stephen retired from the public sector but immediately volunteered for the Salmo Variance Board when the community was seeking a member.  He stepped forward as a Board member for the Salmo Valley Youth and Community Center and the Ymir Schoolhouse Society.  As a delegation before Salmo Council, he spoke on behalf of the need for transparent and open governance and the important role that government can play in economic development.  In November of 2014 Stephen was elected Mayor of Salmo and in December he was elected RDCK Director for Salmo.

Alternate Director: Diane Lockwood



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