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Columbia Bain Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program Funding (CIP/AAP)


NOTICE: We want to hear from you!

Public engagement is an integral part of the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program Funding (CIP/AAP) process. Normally, public input into the grant awards would be received at community meetings held throughout the region every April. Due to the ongoing restrictions on public gatherings, the online engagement tool will be utilized again this year to ensure the grant process moves forward. This tool will allow the public to provide their feedback on proposed projects for the area in which they live.

The public engagement period will be from March 29, 2021 at 8:00 am to April 9, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

To participate in the public engagement process, please click on the link: 

CIP-AAP - RDCK Online Engagement Forum

A summary of each eligible project by area can be found below by clicking on your Area.  


Area A CIP [PDF]

Area B CIP [PDF]
Area C CIP [PDF] Area D AAP [PDF]
Area D - Kaslo CIP [PDF] Area E CIP [PDF]
Area F CIP [PDF] Area G - Salmo CIP [PDF]
Area H CIP [PDF] Area I CIP [PDF]
Area J AAP [PDF] Area J CIP [PDF]
Area K - Arrow Park CIP-AAP [PDF] Area K - Burton CIP-AAP [PDF]
Area K - Edgewood CIP-AAP [PDF] Area K - Fauquier CIP-AAP [PDF]
Area K - Nakusp-Rural Nakusp-Bayview CIP-AAP [PDF] Castlegar CIP [PDF]
Creston CIP [PDF] Nelson CIP [PDF]
New Denver CIP [PDF] Silverton CIP [PDF]
Slocan CIP [PDF]  

Click here for the complete list of 2021 approved proposals. 

Please note, the online engagement tool is not a voting system, but a way for the public to provide the feedback on projects they feel are most important to the area they live in. Once collected, all feedback will be shared with the adjudication committee of each of the 20 RDCK jurisdictions (11 electoral areas and nine municipalities) for their review and consideration. The adjudication committees will then provide their recommednations to the RDCK Board of Directors. The RDCK Board of Directors will make the final project funding decision at the May 2021 RDCK Board Meeting and the results will be made available on this website. 

Previously Funded Projects

CIP/AAP - Funded Proposal in 2020

CIP/AAP - Funded Proposal in 2019

CIP/AAP - Funded Proposals in 2018 



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